What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

      This year, 2018, Lent begins on February 14, and covers the 40 days before Easter, commemorating the 40 days and 40 nights that Jesus Christ spent fasting and enduring temptation from Satan in the desert. During Lent, Christians commit to fasting and abstaining from certain foods, habits or other vices. This often involves... Continue Reading →


Tea, P31 Style!

Tea is not mentioned in the Bible because it was not a common drink in the Holy Land 3000 years ago. Still, I can picture the Proverbs 31 Woman gathering plants from the local fields and infusing them into medicines and soothing drinks for her family. She was definitely ahead of her time! Today, herbal... Continue Reading →

Stocking Up vs Stockpiling

We all know the feeling... we are at the supermarket or the grocery store and we see an irresistible bargain -- a product our family uses, on sale! To buy or not to buy, that is the question. The answer? It depends... I regularly indulge in what I like to call "investment shopping." That is,... Continue Reading →

The Conflicting Genealogies of Jesus

With the Christmas season fast approaching, many are re-reading the Gospels and the genealogies of Jesus as presented by Matthew and Luke have always been puzzling. Take another look, and then we will examine the theories. You will see they all present a valid argument, but at the end of the day it's okay for... Continue Reading →

Jesus vs Horus

Someone who is not a Christian brought to my attention (as a way to upset me) Bill Maher's film Religulous. This is a rehashing of a story we have all heard before, that the story of Jesus is a fake, based on Egyptian god Horus. Having heard those claims before (and written a paper on... Continue Reading →

Psychological Attachments to Our “Stuff”

Jean Piaget, a founding father of child psychology, witnessed time and time again the anguish of a young child separated from an object he considered his own. He realized that very early in life we develop a sense of ownership. He attributed this to "the endowment effect," in which we value an object more highly... Continue Reading →

How Decluttering Can Make You Feel Good

There is nothing quite like decluttering and organizing your home to give you a warm fuzzy feeling! Here’s why: Bright, Open Space… Decluttering removes all the unused and unwanted items from your home, leaving only the things you need, love and use. Rearranging these and organizing them into the newfound space will leave you with... Continue Reading →

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