Postponed Decisions

Clutter really IS just a postponed decision. We’ve all postponed numerous decisions, in fact we do it every day:

Should I shed this or file it?
Should I repair it or get rid of it?
Should I refinish it or sell it?
Should I put it in the closet or the basement?

Chances are, you’ve looked at an object in your home and asked yourself the same questions. And chances are, you’ve postponed the decision. This results in clutter because you have to do SOMETHING with it in the meantime, and quite often doing something means doing nothing. You put it down and forget about it, and before you realize it, you have clutter.

The good news is that knowledge is power. Now that you are aware you’re postponing decisions, you have the power to stop yourself for a moment, make the decision, and deal with it immediately.



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