Your Very Own Grocery Store!

That’s right! Open 24/7 and just steps away from your kitchen – or perhaps IN your kitchen! That’s the convenience you’ll have by stocking a pantry, and it’s also a great way to save money.

Start by finding a location. If you have no room in your kitchen, convert an unused closet, or even a corner of your basement. Scrub it well, give it a fresh coat of paint if necessary, and install floor-to-ceiling shelving.

Each week, do a “needs” shopping and an “investment” shopping. A needs shopping will be the groceries you plan to use in the upcoming week. An investment shopping is the food that you will be using within the next month or so, that is on sale now.

Arrange your pantry in whichever way works best for you. Divide it by categories that fit the foods your family enjoys, and don’t forget the drugstore — shampoo, toothpaste and vitamins are also candidates for the pantry!

The only rule is this: a bargain is not a bargain if it goes bad and you throw it away. Don’t be tempted to investment shop unless the items on sale are non-perishable, freezable, or will be used up while they’re still good.


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