Shopping for Bargains

The second part of Proverbs 31:18 i the New Living Translation says, “she watches for bargains.”

In today’s terms, that would mean shopping sales and using coupons, which many of us already do. But if you can find a spot for a pantry, you can go an extra step. A basement corner, and unused cabinet in your kitchen, or even a spot in a spare room might do. Dave and I live in a condo, and after much thought we decided to use a closet in our dining room. Having extra food on hand will allow you, like the Proverbs 31 woman, to have “no fear of the future.”

Once you have the pantry set up, fill it slowly every week. As you shop you will be purchasing food to use during the upcoming week. This is your “needs” shopping. As well, you will see items on sale that you know will be used in the near future. That is your chance to stock up, put them in your pantry, and no have to pay full price for them when you need them. If you have coupons or if you get bonus points on store loyalty programs, so much the better.


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